Why get your eyebrows threaded at the mall?

With eyebrow threading gaining popularity and moving full speed ahead, there are more and more places offering the service. High-end salons, strip malls, Wal-Mart (Yes, even Wal-Mart), and then where it all started…the shopping mall! Okay so it didn’t technically start at the mall, but it seems eyebrow threading took-off due to offering the service in the middle of the mall. It only seemed as if it was a secret, but contrary to what you may have heard, threading has actually been around for many years. You may have thought only people who went down Newbury Street and wanted to pay $40 to get their brows done, had heard of it. Then BOOM! eyebrow threading is quite literally popping up at every mall you go to! So what’s the hype about, or on the other hand, what’s the hesitation?

For most people getting your eyebrows done is one of many grooming techniques we’d wish we could do in the privacy of our own homes…but who has that time or skill? So we’re off, on a search for the perfect place to go, looking high and low for that one person who can work their magic. Then in the distance of that mall corridor, you see the TV screen playing the video of the eyebrows being threaded and you say “what the?!”. Seems so out of the world to be sitting in a salon chair in the middle of the mall getting beautified. So you think to yourself, do I suck it up and bare a few minutes of “awkwardness” or run home and Google the closest private salon? Seems as if the couple of minutes aren’t so bad! You sit there, let the technician do her magic and viola – perfectly shaped eyebrows! Best part of getting your eyebrows done at the mall, is the convenience – you can go shopping afterwards!

The fact of the matter is, once you do threading – chances are you are going to swear by it. You wouldn’t care if you’re in the middle of the street – you’re getting them done. Since its getting more and more popular, threading has also been offered at more private locations in the mall.


Like they say, “you don’t know till you try”.The Threading Spa has may convenient and private locations across the Boston area and eastern Massachusetts including North Attleboro, Saugus, Burlington, Cambridge, Braintree, Watertown, Chestnut Hill, Natick, and Marlborough MA.

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