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Established in 2007, The Threading Spa, LLC is a privately held salon specializing in eyebrow threading techniques. The company is based in Braintree, Massachusetts at 432 Washington Street and currently has other locations in Massachusetts such as Cambridge, Natick, Chestnut Hill, Burlington, Watertown, Saugus, Marlborough and two other Braintree locations.

We specialize in threading because we feel it is the best hair removal technique. Threading is a natural, safe, unique, and nearly painless form of hair removal. We can thread all different skin types; it is even effective for people who have sensitive skin and cannot wax. For these reasons, threading has been attractive over the years and is replacing waxing techniques.

Over the past three years, The Threading Spa has gone through an extremely large growth cycle. We feel that this is largely due to our premier customer service. Our clients quickly realize we offer the best hair removal solution and new customers are quickly converted to returning visitors. We have been able to open the locations in Marlborough and Attleboro and have plans to expand to more locations within the upcoming year.

The salons are located within high traffic areas within the Boston metropolitan region, and we contend with a multitude of competition from larger salons in the area. Our company’s goal is to provide our customers with excellent customer service so that we can ensure quality and complete customer satisfaction. All our staff are highly trained and experienced; inexperienced threaders can leave you with uneven eyebrows, ingrown hairs, hair breakage or unnecessary pain and soreness. Please find the location nearest you and visit us to discover the most effective way to manage your unwanted hair.